Alfonso Morales

Alfonso Morales, PhD (Northwestern), is a Professor of Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is originally from rural New Mexico with roots in family farming there and in West Texas. He has established a nationally and internationally recognized and policy-relevant program of research on street vendors and marketplaces that has described the organization and consequences of marketplace processes historically and across populations. His research examines the intersection of these markets with various modalities of identity, including gender and race. He has also contributed to our understanding of business organizations, public health, and food systems. This latter work joins his interests in street commerce to food distribution, production and formal organizations (like Housing Authorities). His broader intellectual agenda includes basic and applied research of the social processes relating how people think and behave to interaction and organization and back again. He has extensive experience with students in community-based outreach and research.

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Lauren Suerth

Lauren is a PhD Candidate in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She has been the lead research assistant for MIFI since the Indicators for Impact pilot project started in 2014. In this role, she led the toolkit development process, provided support and training to members, and managed the portal development activities. She became the co-project investigator in 2016 so her responsibilities also include facilitating the administrative aspects of MIFI and managing personnel. Lauren enjoys working with markets to develop tools that are sensitive to their unique and dynamic environments.

Beyond farmers markets, her research explores the arrangements for accessing agricultural land by asking (1) what ‘land’ and ‘access’ mean to farmers and (2) based on those understandings, how they address ‘land access’ issues.

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Teaching & Research Application Development

The Teaching & Research Application Development (TRAD) software development team within DoIT Academic Technology creates custom applications and web-based solutions to meet teaching, learning, and research needs.

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Phillip Warsaw

Phillip Warsaw, Ph.D. (UW-Madison), is a NSF SBE Postdoctoral Fellow with the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research is grounded in urban environmental economics, with a particular focus on public health, affordable housing, and the intersections between access to these and identity, particularly race and class. Currently, his work considers the role of race and class in shaping consumer preferences for food access in Milwaukee, as expressed in household decisions of where to live within the city relative to food outlets. He has also recently begun work with Dr. Morales investigating the role of pricing and other initiatives in influencing consumer food purchases within the UW Hospital system.

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Market Wurks

MIFI is thrilled to introduce you to Chris Quinlan and his fantastic tool for market managers: MarketWurks. Good market data depends on consistent inputs. An online vendor application form can provide you with a precise and consistent means of collecting that data. We urge you to get to know MarketWurks because it is an online vendor application and market management program and we are confident that it can provide you with additional tools to collect the inputs necessary to maximize the benefits of MIFI. Chris Quinlan, founder, has his roots in farmers’ market management. His partner, Simon Sturmer, writes the software that ensures MarketWurks features are intuitive for the user. Together they provide a level of service and product performance that will exceed your expectations and save you time and money in your management practices. Check out their website for more information and to review more client testimonials like this one.

“Sometimes, it takes a small business to understand a small business and that’s exactly what Marketwurks has done. Being that it was created by a market manager, it covers our software needs that we didn’t even realize we were missing. It saved hours of time in our first year and with the improvements that they keep adding to the program, it’s going to streamline our market! We can’t thank Marketwurks enough for their dedication to service (always a phone call away) and their excellent product.”
Snohomish Farmers Market, Washington
Sarah, Farmers Market Manager