Testimonials from Farm 2 Facts Customers

Chillicothe Farmers Market, Ohio

Paul Dorrance, Board Vice President

“The Chillicothe Farmers Market board could not be more excited about our participation in the [Farm 2 Facts] program! The data gathered has been instrumental to us as we chart a course for our market and quantify our contribution to the surrounding community. The staff at [F2F] and the University of Wisconsin continue to be an asset to our market. Their tireless, service-oriented attitude combined with subject matter expertise has been critical to the sustained success of this program. They bring a true spirit of partnership, pursuit of excellence, and unparalleled support to our market’s data collection and communication efforts. The [Farm 2 Facts] program addresses a very real need for our market, and is something that farmers markets of all sizes should consider participating in.”


Crossroads Farmers Market, Maryland

Michelle Dudley, Farmers Market Manager

“It was an honor to be a partner on the [F2F] pilot project with [F2F] researchers. They were consistently engaged and detail-oriented with our data, and her guidance held me accountable to improved accuracy in collection and reporting. Crossroads was able to take market data that we’d already been gathering and use it in more meaningful ways. And, we collected new data that is inspiring new innovations in our work. Overall, [F2F] streamlined our data collection and as a result, we’re more organized and better able to communicate the impacts of this local food system work to funders, shoppers, volunteers, and our community at large.”

Williamson Farmers Market, West Virginia

Maria Arnot, Farmers Market Manager

“Our experience with [F2F] has been very positive overall. It has allowed us to collect metrics that we otherwise might not have. Having information on distance traveled to market and vendor registration forms for each vendor requiring sales data has been extremely useful to us in keeping track of our vendors and where the product is coming from. Additionally, the concise one-page summary reports will help us share the results with our vendors and recruit new vendors.”

Hernando Farmers Market, Mississippi

Gia Matheny, City of Hernando Community Development Director

“[F2F] allows us to communicate the health impacts of our market within the community. Our metric selection gives us the ability to show what fresh, local food is easily accessed at our market, how many people walk or bike to the market, and how the local economy is growing through farming, backyard farming, and entrepreneurship.”

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Errin Welty, Downtown Development Account Manager

“In my work with Wisconsin Main Street communities, we are continually striving to help our communities establish effective ways of measuring and communicating the impact of our efforts on the local community. Since so many of our communities coordinate or host downtown farmers markets, and because these events attract visitors that represent a key demographic group for downtown merchants, I was excited about the opportunity to more formally understand and evaluate market performance with [F2F].”