Enhance Your AMS Grant Proposal with F2F

The deadline for applications to the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP), Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP), and the new Regional Food System Partnership (RFSP) are a now just a month away (grant Deadlines have been extended from May 11 to May 26th due to COVID-19). We know that the COVID-19 crisis, spring weather, and these grant deadlines are keeping many of you very busy. Farm 2 Facts is here to help! Partnering with us can improve your grant application and farmers market in general. With these grants in mind, here’s a few ways that our team support markets:

Capacity Building – by choosing from our 20+ metrics, your strategic partnership with Farm 2 Facts adds an additional layer of reporting capability for your market. Our data gathering tools provide an effective way to visualize what makes your market so valuable for your vendors, customers, and the broader community. These data visualization tools make it easy to communicate the effects of your market for funders, partners – whether through posters or on social media. Gathering baseline data for the 2020 season will allow you to illustrate how funding from USDA AMS will help you promote, expand, and improve your market over time.

Planning – if you are pursuing funding for planning purposes, gathering data is key to assess how you move forward. Farm 2 Facts will help you determine which data is most important for your planning efforts. Our web-based Farm 2 Facts platform consolidates your data, meaning that it is accessible and organized for you and your partners throughout the planning process. Consider this an important foundation to base your plans.

Sustainability – the data insight from partnerships with Farm 2 Facts provides credible evidence to stakeholders in your community about the impact of your market. It provides you with evidence of your markets’ strengths and areas for improvement. Our partners have succeeded in securing funding from a range of funders including USDA and other funding partners. We all know that farmers markets are key to thriving food systems and healthy communities. Working with us strengthens your story to explain the value of your market to your community.

Measurable impact – this is what we are all about. Visit our website to learn more about how we can partner with you. We know that AMS funding opportunities for farmers markets (FMPP), Local Food systems (LFMPP) and Regional Food Systems (RFSP) can provide game changing funding opportunities for local communities. We are here to enhance your markets. Visit our website to learn how Farm 2 Facts can play a vital role helping you prove the impact of your market for these USDA AMS and other funding opportunities. If you have any questions about how Farm 2 Facts can support your market during the 2020 farmers market season or if you have specific questions related to enhancing your proposals for the upcoming AMS – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@farm2facts.org.