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The F2F toolkit is for farmers market managers and organizations that use data, or want to start using data, to make informed decisions and communicate with stakeholders to achieve market goals. Organizations include city- or state-wide farmers market organizations, or any other organization that oversees multiple farmers markets (e.g. Fondy Food Center).

Leverage the F2F toolkit and technical assistance in three easy steps.





Collect data that matters to your organization and community, whether you are an individual market or a market organization. F2F does not just measure revenues and operations but your market’s economic, social, and ecological impacts. We offer over 25 metrics and 100 sub-metrics, so you can highlight what matters to you.

Gain insight for your organization by tracking information like:

  • average number of visitors per market day (estimated)
  • total dollar amount for incentive program sales
    • SNAP, WIC FMNP, WIC CCV, and Senior FMNP
  • percentage of visitors from represented zip codes (estimated)
  • average years in the farming industry per vendor
  • total number of volunteer hours contributed
  • total number of participants in market programs

Our metrics are updated to be consistent with USDA reporting requirements.

Download a full list of our metrics here:

Step 2 – Collect YOUR Data

F2F provides step-by-step instructions on what to do before, during, and after your market to collect data for your metrics. F2F also provides instructions on how to edit and upload your data.
Data collection can be even further simplified through Marketwurks, a farmers-market management software created by market managers.

We know data is valuable but are also aware that not everyone sees the value in it. DOWNLOAD this PDF to help spread the word of why collecting data is important. Many of our members use this flyer to inform and educate their vendors in hopes of increasing data collection at their market.


Step 3 – Utilize your results

Our team of professors, doctoral students, and economists created F2F to generate statistically valid and reliable results. F2F will teach you how to interpret your data and use your findings to improve internal decision-making. Choose your favorite statistics to generate infographic reports, perfect to present to stakeholders or support grant proposals.



Technical Assistance


Members receive webinar trainings on every major component of F2F, including:

  • an overview of the program
  • data collection processes
  • data entry and report creation
  • interpreting and using results
Customer Service

We provide customer service assistance 7 days a week.

Regular Q&A Live Video Meetings

Get your questions answered by the F2F team and hear from other members every other week during our calls held on Zoom.



With our experience working directly with farmers market managers, we understand that tools for empowerment must be accessible. In addition to our affordable data technology toolkit, the F2F team happily supports our members in the following ways:

  • customized data interpretation
  • additional data analysis
  • in-person technical assistance
  • support writing grant applications and reports

Affordable price is made possible by corporate donors and university subsidies.


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