We are expert grant writers with decades of experience running and partnering with farmers markets and can review your existing application or help you write a new one.
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Already find a grant you’d like to apply to and are looking for assistance? Have a great project that needs funding? Not sure where to locate grant opportunities?

Farm 2 Facts staff can work with your team to identify funding opportunities and create a competitive grant application. We bring extensive experience working with grant opportunities for food system work.

How we can support you:

  1. Identify grant opportunities – We can meet with your team to learn about your projects and goals to identify the best grant opportunities.
  2. Develop a competitive grant – We will help structure your application to provide a clear indication of your project plans, timeline, and budget.
  3. Report on your activities and successes – How will you share your successes? Farm 2 Facts data collection toolkit provides a range of options to record and present data that tells your funders the story of your work. Tracking your progress ensures that you build a strong relationship with existing funders and also equips you with important statistics that can help you pursue funding for future projects.

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Which grant opportunities are right for you?

Most organizations secure a range of grant opportunities, which can provide an important foundation to strengthen and grow projects.

In particular, the USDA is an important source of funding for food system programs in the US.

Here is some insight about USDA funding and considerations if you are pursuing this funding:

    • The USDA provides about $50 million per year in funding to local food systems, but only 16% of farmers markets successfully complete the application and are awarded grants. We can partner with you on an application and help you win the grant.
    • USDA grants typically provide multiple years of funding, which can provide important stability to grow a project over several years.
    • The best applications include the following:
      • Data collected from the previous 1 – 2 years
      • Accurate data interpretation
      • A meaningful purpose and clear mission that drive a strong narrative
    • USDA grant opportunities most relevant for farmers markets include:
      • Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP)
      • Local Foods Promotion Program (LFPP)
      • Regional Food System Partnerships (RFSP)
Local & National Foundations

While USDA is a great source of funding, it is not the only grant available. Most regions have at least one foundation or state grant that support local community projects and farmers markets. Even if you’ve secured USDA funding, these local foundations can play an important role in supporting ongoing projects that complement USDA-funded work. For example, farmers markets have secured funding from local foundations to support market match programs that match Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funds spent at farmers markets. This essentially doubles the buying power for shoppers who use SNAP. These grants often require less strict data requirements than the USDA, which may make them the right option if you are just getting started.

If you are looking for major funding besides the USDA grants, many privately-funded national philanthropic organizations could make just as big of an impact on your market. We have worked with several national applications.

We can work with you to identify grant opportunities, figure out which grants make the most sense for your project, and help you put together an award-winning application.

Featured Past Grants

Grant Type Application Title Description Date
FMMP Subcontract to Madison-REAP Farm Fresh Atlas Project 20 Wisconsin Markets got a one-year F2F membership to collect that helped them understand who is visiting their market and how it contributes to local economic activity. We also performed additional economic analysis. 2016-18
USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Indicators for Impact: Farmers Markets as Leaders in Collaborative Food System Data Collection and Analysis. Morales PI and Suerth Co-PI (2014-68006-21857) Created data collection tools and the online portal and tested the resources with eight markets in three regions of the US. Refined the tools and portal pursuant to their feedback. 2014-17
USDA Rural Development Block Grant Subcontract to Maine Federation of Farmers Markets. Five markets in Maine got a two-year F2F membership to study the role of farmers markets in rural communities and we provided additional economic analysis. 2016-17
USDA Hatch program Identifying Communications Needs of Farmers Market Managers, Co-PI with Bret Shaw. We tested the usability of the F2F website and portal with eight market managers that have never used our program. We integrated their feedback into the current product. 2016-17
Kresge Foundation’s Fresh, Local & Equitable Food as a Creative Platform for Neighborhood Revitalization Program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nick De Marsh F2F worked with community partners to apply for funding for the food system planning for the neighborhood and to support the emergence of the Harambee Community Market, a local farmers market. 2016
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, FMPP F2F Subcontract to Hope & Main (Rhode Island) Local Foods Promotion Program, to provide the mifimarkets.org toolkit for project evaluation 2018-21
Model Market Impacts American Family Insurance To continue work with the Brown Deer WI farmers market initiated by the Farm Fresh Atlas project 2019
University of Wisconsin ICTR-CAP Pilot Award Program UW-Madison Describe importance of local food procurement in hospitals and use farm2facts software to develop similar platform for hospitals 2019-20

Farm 2 Facts offers data collection software and training which can help you get started on your long-term funding plans.

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