The F2F toolkit is for farmers market managers and organizations that use data, or want to start using data, to make informed decisions and communicate with stakeholders to achieve market goals. Organizations include city- or state-wide farmers market organizations, or any other organization that oversees multiple farmers markets (e.g. Fondy Food Center).

Leverage the F2F toolkit and technical assistance in three easy steps.


2014-17. Indicators for Impact: Farmers Markets as Leaders in Collaborative Food System Data Collection and Analysis. USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, Morales PI and Suerth Co-PI (2014-68006-21857). Created data collection tools and the online portal and tested the resources with eight markets in three regions of the US. Refined the tools and portal pursuant to their feedback.

2016-18. Subcontract to Madison-REAP Farm Fresh Atlas Project. USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program. 20 Wisconsin Markets get a one-year MIFI membership to collect that helps them understand who is visiting their market and how it contributes to local economic activity. We are also performing additional economic analysis.

2016-17. Subcontract to Maine Federation of Farmers Markets. USDA Rural Development Block Grant. Five markets in Main get a two-year MIFI membership to study the role of farmers markets in rural communities and we provide additional economic analysis.

2016-17. Identifying Communications Needs of Farmers Market Managers. USDA Hatch program, Co-PI with Bret Shaw. We tested the usability of the MIFI website and portal with eight market managers that have never used our program. We integrated their feedback into the current product.

2016-18. MIFI/F2F Subcontract to Madison-REAP Farm Fresh Atlas Project, funded by the USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program grant to deploy the portal and subsequent economic contribution of farmers markets in Wisconsin, $30,000. USDA AMS FMPP 16-FMPP-WI-0006

2018-21. MIFI/F2F Subcontract to Hope & Main (Rhode Island), USDA Agriculture Marketing Service, Farmers Market Promotion Program application: Local Foods Promotion Program, to provide the toolkit for project evaluation, $21,726, USDA-AMS-TM-FMPP-6-18-0002.

2019. American Family Insurance, $13,768 to continue work with the Brown Deer WI farmers market initiated by the Farm Fresh Atlas project described below, campus PI with undergraduate student Chloe Green, Co-I.

2019-20. University of Wisconsin ICTR-CAP Pilot Award Program, $74,468. PI, with Phil Warsaw as Co-I.

2020. American Family Insurance, $9,800, to track Model Market Program Impacts.

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