We prioritize keeping our prices at an affordable level.

We operate F2F according to two principles: cost recovery and lean start-up. Cost recovery means that we only charge what it costs to provide the service, and lean start-up means we refine our business model according to feedback from our members. So, it’s likely our pricing will gown down in future years as more markets sign up.

F2F understands that in order to empower markets, the tools for that empowerment must be accessible. Our team has experience working directly with farmers market managers, so we pride ourselves on understanding what is possible for markets. Aside from providing our data technology at a reasonable cost, the F2F team is happy to provide our customers with additional services.

Individual farmers market


Market organizations

$500/year + $250/individual farmers market

Are you interested in one-on-one data analysis and interpretation for your market or organization?

Farm 2 Facts offers:

  • customized data interpretation
  • additional data analysis
  • in-person technical assistance
  • support writing grant applications and reports

If any of these interest you, or you have another idea for how to enhance your Farm 2 Facts experience, please reach out to us today.