Visual Aids to Promote COVID-19 Safety
at Your Farmers Market

Farmers markets help with food security, assist the economy, and lead positive social interactions amongst the community; therefore, many states have announced them as essential during the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically in areas like Wisconsin, many markets have been running “Drive-thru” or online markets due to stricter government regulations. With the normal market season fast approaching, many are looking to operate traditionally.

Now that farmers markets are planning to open their doors again, precautionary measures must be taken to ensure the safest experience for everyone, while providing the farmers market experience that cannot be replicated in “Drive-thru” or online markets. There are many actions visitors will be asked to do while attending these markets, such as practicing social distancing protocols and good hand hygiene, avoiding touching the produce at stands, and being patient and kind to others.

We understand that following all of these guidelines can be difficult, so to communicate and remind market visitors and ourselves, our team has created visual icons corresponding to the standards that should be upheld during this difficult time.
These images can aid your market by:

  1. Providing an attention-grabbing visual
  2. Helping with language barriers
  3. Promoting a safe environment for the best health of your vendors and visitors

All of the icons are available as PNG files at the end of this blog translated into English, Hmong, and Spanish. These icons can be used in the form of a poster, like the example below, or circulated as social media posts. We hope that these can help you foster the healthiest version of your farmers market. Please feel free to download these icons for use in your market, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Click here to download these icons.

Here are additional resources to help you run your market during COVID-19:

  1. Stay up to date with steady farmers market updates here.
  2. See all of the COVID-19 waivers issued for SNAP by state here, to better predict influx of demand.
  3. For cleaning and disinfection tips surrounding the virus, visit
  4. Running your own farmers market and have additional advice for fellow managers? Shoot us an email at or check out our website.